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It's a staple of superhero comics. Clark Kent is sweet on Lois Lane, but Lois only has eyes for Superman. Hal Jordan digs on Carol Ferris, but Carol'd rather get with Green Lantern. The Argentine comic Cybersix...does it slightly differently. (Note, no official English translation of Cybersix exists - this is a scanlation from a French edition by a fellow named PharmaDan, so there are a few translation and editing glitches.)

The following pages are NSFW, due to nudity and sexual situations. Quite a bit the former, in fact.

Deep in my heart, I feel love so alive.... )

4 pages from chapter 10, approximately 4 from chapter 11, both 12 pages long.


Oct. 12th, 2010 03:04 pm
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As I hadn't heard of it, I was pleasantly surprised to notice a Dethklok comic when I went to get my comics. Co-written by Brandon Small, even. (He didn't do the dialogue, but Jeremy Barlow, who did, really gets it.) It was hard to choose a legal amount to post, but it had to be shared, so I endured, and did it. 4 pages (well, 3 pages, and 2 partial pages that add up to a fourth) of 23 under the cut.

William Murderface Murderface Murderface )
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Following up on this post, where we were introduced to the only real recurring villain in Read or Dream. Anita, defeated in their first encounter, swore revenge...so, let's continue the story...

Anita: 'I have a nemesis?' )

8 pages of 24
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A combination of 'favourite villain' and a belated 'series I could read over and over'...

Read or Dream, the follow-up series to Read or Die, follows the Paper Sisters - Michelle Chan, Maggie Mui, and Anita King - 3 Hong Kong papermasters who work as detectives, focussing on books (theoretically). It doesn't have much in the way of actual villains (unlike Read or Dream or ROD the TV), but there are a couple...

And this is the introduction of one of them - the only recurring one, actually...

We are the Paper Sisters Detective Agency... )

8.6 pages out of 26.
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Posting last minute! Go Neko. Anyway, took me some time to get this down to a single post's worth of scans.

Not necessarily my favourite, but one of my favourites, anyhow.

From Chocotto Sister, Chitose and Makoto...

A bashful meganekko and a bottle-fairy with no sense of boundaries...how could it go wrong? )

1, 2, and 3 pages from various chapters, that range from 16 to 22 pages long.
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